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AT / 2008
8 min.

... you provide the noise, the order comes by itself.
(Knut Aufermann)

In the age of machines “tilt” indicated that everything had come to a halt. If a mechanical device, such as a pinball machine, was maneuvered into an excessively uneven position or shaken too violently, it more or less switched off and had to be restarted. In the age of computers such tipping and unevenness represents the starting points of creative processes, control processes directed back upon themselves that virtually turn the machine inside out.
Billy Roisz’s TILT presents for us to see one example of such a state where something is out of whack and out of order, a constant source of new degrees of intensity. At first, there are four vertical gray elements: pulsing tubes, rods or wires that divide up the black picture. At the very beginning a kind of afterimage separates from the bundle to the far left, a bright-red vibrating shadow that then moves from one rod to the next. This feedback process continues until, after a kind of explosive overload, three flickering columns of red begin to settle between the gray tubes. The brilliance of this stereophonic composition of noise disturbs and destabilizes this tableau even as it emerges from it. Then, the clouds of red electrons move farther away, expanding and covering most of the microscopically fragmented elements that everything started with. In the end, gray and red, vertical and horizontal flickering seems to have achieved a new balance. Like a high-voltage power line, hissing at maximum capacity, that could tear into a million pieces at any second. Not without good reason, and Billy Roisz’s work provides impressive evidence for this fact: Tilt also means peak performance.
(Christian Höller)

Translation: Steve Wilder

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A film by:
- Billy Roisz

- experimental

original language:
- no dialogue

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