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AT / DE / 2017
30 min.

Coco is 17 and feels a desperate need to become famous even though she seems to lack the necessary talent. She is willing to do anything for recognition and avoid becoming an everyday "loser".
She skips school to attend castings, music videos shoots, and to film YouTube clips but faces one humiliation after another and is quickly pushed to her limits. With her
"Coco Channel", she tries to expand her notoriety on the internet and create the successful, loved, and confident character she wishes she really could be.
As a crossmedia project, connecting film with the online video scene, WANNABE tells the story of a young YouTuber, who builds herself a fictitious world on the Internet.

Watch Coco┬┤s YouTube videos she produces in the film and more at: CocoChannel99

On this playlist you can watch the videos in the right order relating to the shortfilm WANNABE: youtube videos

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A film by:
- Jannis Lenz

- Short fiction

original language:
- german

Available Prints:
- DCP 2K

price: 120 EUR


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