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INDEX-DVD Nr.49: FRIEDL KUBELKA VOM GRÖLLER – One Is Not Enough. Photography & Film Buch // DVD // Magazin
Edited by Dietmar Schwärzler
Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König and INDEX Edition
The heart of Friedl Kubelka´s photographic work (who as a filmmaker goes by the name of Friedl vom Gröller) is constituted by portraiture . whether she captures friends, acquaintances, family members, filmmakers, artists or simply clients, each for the most part gazing directly into the camera. Since 1972 to the present, Kubelka has also placed herself in front of the camera for her project Jahresportraits (Yearly Portraits) in which she mercilessly documents the process of aging.
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INDEX-DVD Nr.50: ALFRED KAISER Decomposing Nazi Phraseology
In the second half of the 1970s Alfred Kaiser was entirely unknown to the film world when he went public with two films, namely A Third Reich (1975) and A Third Reich from Its Refuse (1977). Both compilation films bridge the threshold between avant-garde and documentary cinema and were enthusiastically received by audiences and film critics alike upon their release. To this day, these two closely related films occupy 
a place of particular significance in the history of Austrian cinema, not least due to their subject matter and compositional virtuosity.

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Mon, 10 Dec 2018
Metro Kinokulturhaus


Mon, 14 Jan 2019
Metro Kinokulturhaus

"BEYOND CINEMA. Austrian Underground Film from the 1960s"

Titled BEYOND CINEMA. Austrian Underground Film from the 1960s Alternative Film & Videofestival Belgrade will present between 12.-16.Dezember 2018 a filmprogram curated by Gerald Weber along the festival focus on COLLECTIVism.
Including works by VALIE EXPORT, Kurt Kren, Hans Scheugl, Peter Weibel, Ernst Schmidt jr a.o.
Program details & schedule

OUSTANDING ARTIST AWARD 2018 for Katrina Daschner

This year´s OUTSTANDING ARTIST AWARD für Experimentalfilm by the Art Section of the Austrian Federal Chancellery goes to Katrina Daschner!
Congratulations to Katrina and all award winners!
Foto: Daniel Hoesl, Katrina Daschner, Verena Dengler

Awards ! Awards ! Awards !

Several of sixpackfilm-distributed shorts collected a number of awards within the last week:
La sombra de un Dios by Bernhard Hetzenauer received another major award at a mexican festival: Best Short Documentary at International Filmfestival in San Luís Potosí,
Gouvernment House by Herwig Weiser was given the Grand Prix Riga Short by the jury of Riga Film Festival,
Lukas Marxt gained further recognition for his Imperial Valley with Jury Main Awards at Gijón International Film Festival and at Cologne Shortfilmfest.
Last not least Animistica by Nikki Schuster and WHERE DO WE GO by Siegfried Fruhauf received Best Sound plus Audience Award and Best Experimental Animation at the Vienna Two Days Animation Festival.
Cordial congratulations to all of the artists !

Friedl Kubelka Vom Gröller: "Paris Épisodes" at Centre Pompidou

Book release presentation, filmprogram and talk: on dec 5th 2018 “Friedl vom Gröller” will show her “Paris Movies” at the Centre Pompidou, accompanied by a talk with Dietmar Schwärzler from sixpackfilm to present the latest INDEX-DVD publication One is not enough about photographer and filmmaker “Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller”.

the program at Centre Pompidou

"A ★ over Spain"

After a sensational first festival year, Johann Lurf´s extraordinary compilation film is recently touring spanish festivals and cinematheques – often accompanied by a selection of Lurf´s experimental shorts. After Gijón Festival the program makes stop at the Filmoteca de Galicia in A Coruña, at Filmoteca de València, during the Muestra de Cine on Lanzarote and last not least earyl next year at Cineteca de Madrid.

KURT KREN retrospectives in Italy and Czech Republic

Titled “Sorry, it had to be done”, Milano´s Filmmaker Festival presents a complete retrospective of Kurt Kren´s Ouevre from november 17th in the recently restaured digital version while PAF – Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art in Olomouc will show the fims from their original 16mm copies. Two fantastic occasions to see and experience the beauty of Kren´s specific shooting and editing techniques and his unique aesthetics.

Retrospective Björn Kämmerer in Moscow

Organized by Moscow Experimental Film Festival Mediaartist Björn Kämmerer shows his films on December 6th at Moscow´s NIKFI (Cine-Photo Research and Development Institute)