"Because she has been alone for a really long time and there´s just no one else, she might as well live on the moon." Gudrun Krebitz´s EXOMOON is an animation film that uses drawn, filmed and over-painted images. It commences with a softly whispered internal monologue. Female voices paraphrase the ´I´ of a woman who addresses the moon in her loneliness and speaks to a statue of Mary she passes by each morning. She pleads for something to happen – something terrible and bloody to break through her uneventful reality. However, according to the film, you cannot ask a favor of a statue.
Instead, naked feet with blood-red toenails crunch through the snow, transmitting a feeling of intense coldness.
EXOMOON is about existence, about being present and in the ´now´ of the moment which the film conveys as it seamlessly glides through various states of day and night. These states change visually via variously colored brushstrokes. A dark ocean transforms into a party site. Chalk and paintbrush strokes wash the image forward: "Just let the people float around you, don´t push", says an off-screen voice.
Gudrun Krebitz, who painted, shot and edited EXOMOON, was born in Graz and studied at the London Royal College of Art. Her film is an international collaboration. The multi-layered soundtrack was constructed by Marian Mentrup who works in London while the variously accented off-screen voices indicate numerous backgrounds. However, stylistically speaking, EXOMOON is reminiscent of an Austrian artist and the emotionally expressive images of bodies she created – namely, Maria Lassnig. And as in Lassnig´s short films, in the end this work is about the searching movement of a woman´s self-empowerment, a woman who comes to recognize her own body as a source of energy and strength. (Maya McKechneay)

Translation: Eve Heller

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Oberhausener Kurzfilmtage: Gefilmte Beute (Critique)

Studentin in Mondnähe.
Auch ein zweiter Wettbewerbsbeitrag einer jungen Filmemacherin geht in diesem Sinne förmlich physisch unter die Haut, auch wenn sich seine Intimität Zeichnungen auf geschundenem Papier verdankt: In ihrem tief persönlichen Essayfilm „Exomoon“ erzählt die Österreicherin Gudrun Krebitz von einer College- Studentin, die sich dem Mond näher fühlt als der Sonne, sich mit einer Statue im Park identifiziert und die Gabe besitzt, Sichtbares und Unsichtbares zugleich zu sehen.
Daniel Kothenschulte /
Frankfurter Rundschau online

Orig. Title
United Kingdom, Austria
6 min 19 sec
Gudrun Krebitz
Orig. Language
Gudrun Krebitz
Concept & Realization
Gudrun Krebitz
Marian Mentrup
Available Formats
DCP 2K flat
Aspect Ratio
Sound Format
Frame Rate
25 fps
Color Format
Festivals (Selection)
Graz - Diagonale, Festival des österreichischen Films
Hong Kong - Int. Film Festival
Melbourne - MIAF International Animation Filmfestival
Oberhausen - Int. Kurzfilmtage
Wien - VIS Vienna Independent Shorts
Poznan - Animator, Int. Animation Film Festival
Tblisi/Batumi - TOFUZI Anim. Film Festival
Cork - IndieCork Film Festival
Barcelona - L’ALTERNATIVA - II Mostra Internacional de Cinema Alternatiu
Uppsala - Int. Short Film Festival
Brno B16 Short Film Festival
Riga Film Festival
Ankara - Festival of European Film / Festival on Wheels
Ljubiljana Animateka - Int. Animation Film Festival
Leipzig - Dok Leipzig - Int. Festival für Dok.- u. Animationsfilm
Lissabon - Monstra Festival of Animated Films
Dresden - Filmfest