Gerda Lampalzer

Gerda Lampalzer

* 1959, Austria

born 1952 in Vienna. curator, lectures, workshops, publications in the field of video and media art
works with video, super 8, foto, objects

Since 1982 participation in national and international exhibitions and festivals
Since 1979 working with video
Since 1980 member of the Media Workshop Vienna
Since 1987 teaching at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (department of communications theory)
1993 Scholarship at Progetto Civitella d`Agliano, Italy
1994 Videoscholarsship of the austrian ministery of culure
1997 Artist in Residence at United Media Arts Durham, Canada


1983 Award of the belgic TV - R.T.B.F. for "ASUMA"
1992 Austrian promotion award for videoart


1980 Several short videos for a news-reel project in Vienna
1982/83 "ASUMA" with Manfred Neuwirth and Gustav Deutsch (documentary)
1983/84 "WOSSEA MTOTOM - The meadow is green in the garden of Wiltz" with Manfred Neuwirth and Gustav Deutsch (experimental documentation)
1983 "Indescribable female", "Violance in marriage", "about violation" with Ilse Gassinger, Karin Schmid, Anna Steininger (three videofeatures about violance)
1985 "Vienna is situated at the seaside" (videoart), "Uri, Schwyz und Unterwalden" (super 8)
1985/86 First "Cadavre exquisit" with Nina Rippel from Hamburg (videoletter project)
1986 "Fishblood" (musikvideo)
1989 Second "Cadavre exquisit" with Nina Rippel from Hamburg (videoletter project)
1990/91 "Collected views" with Manfred Neuwirth (videoinstallation)
1991 "Two 3-dimensional postcards" (tribute to the project "Viennese minutes", directed by Manfred Neuwirth)
1992 "And the Sphinx thinks..." (videoinstallation), "3 panoramic images in 42 fragments" (tribute to the videowall "TV-Puzzle", directed by: Walter Hiller)
1993 "And the Sphinx thinks..." (videofiction), "Image and sound" with Manfred Oppermann (videoobject), "Videoedition Austria" edition with Eva Brunner Szabo, Anna Steininger
1994 "It (id)", "The wonderblock (ego)", "Paranormal (superego)" (videotrilogy), "Connect the Universe" (program for projection)
1995 "Germany 1995: Artists are looking for eastereggs" with Manfred Oppermann (artclip), "Blue Box" (videoobject), "Airsigns" (moving projection)
1996 "Paranormal recorded voices" with Manfred Oppermann (short docu)
1997 "Paranormal" with Manfred Oppermann (expermental documentation)

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