Martin Reinhart

Martin Reinhart
Foto: Friedl Kubelka

* 1967, Austria

Martin Reinhart, MA (*1967 Vienna) is a film maker, film historian and inventor. In the last years he developed a system to auto-correlate big sets of data together with physicist Leonard Coster. The goal of this work is to generate an objective topography of world knowledge. Martin studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and is a trained film technician. His company Indiecam has pioneered digital moviemaking back in the mid 2000s. Their cameras have been used in mayor Hollywood productions and were the first ones to record in CinemaDNG, a format that Indiecam has developed together wit Adobe and now is a wide used industry standard. Together with T. Tode and M. Luksch Martin made the documentary „Dreams Rewired“ that won the price for best director at the Moscow International Documentary Film Festival in 2016.

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