Friederike Pezold (Pezoldo)

Friederike Pezold (Pezoldo)
copyright: Friederike Pezold

* 1945, Austria

Since 1969! ClimateArtPieces shown in various museums. 1970 after her occupation with drawing and designs for a new "sensual" architecture, she starts working with video and photography. 1971 she created her first video graphics. In photo series and video films she recreated the body parts and their movement: "New bodily sign language". 1972: GenderArt with "the flexible Sex". And since 1974 founding of "Tai Chi for the Eyes" + "Slower, less, emptier on the screen". 1977 she also founded "Radio free Utopia" which mainly consisted of a recording device and a monitor on her own body to carry the revolt program freely and independently through the city against the quota. 1996 foundation of "the 1st Viennese Museum for Videoart and Bodyart". 2002-2020 "1st, digital & real revolt-people for the deceleration, emptying, de-noising of the future digital world" (there are the Thinker, the Monk and and... were partly shown in the film Revolution of the Eyes. However, they are real, i.e. digital and real) and the "1st look-image-pauses and arrow-images". During that time her program was mostly "to refuse the art business!"
Her works were shown at the Berlinale, the Documenta in Kassel, the Biennales in Paris, Lyon and Venice, the Whitney Museum, MOMA and the Centre Pompidou, among others. She has lived in NY, Paris, Vienna, and is currently based in Salzburg.

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