Summer 2015. Two men have been led together by chance to the house of their grandparents in Carinthia. Or at least, that is what is claimed by the narrator´s voice, which alternates between the perspectives of the two characters. Both are on summer retreat. Christoph is working on two screenplays, his cousin Matthias is putting together music tracks on his computer. All is still tentative. Every statement, every sound clip can be trashed with the click of a mouse. How can one get any further, or reach an end? Talk is of a monkish life, but in reality, what provides a helping hand is an evening slideshow for the extended family, fit in in between. It is first the break and lost motion that lead to productive detours and excavation of ideas, in a literal sense. All is told with a fine sense of humor, as a nearly permanent commentary from off screen, downgrading the dialogue recorded at the sound level to background noise.
Together with the musician Matthias Peyker aka A Thousand Fuegos, director Christoph Schwarz has made a film about the conceptual structuring of creativity all the way to its delegation to machines. Camera pans pursuing the random logic of walks in the garden might offer a solution. White articles of clothing blowing in the wind after a storm function not only as beach outfits for a pool party parody, but also deliver, en passant, the idea for the film title. Inhibitions, so it seems, can only be overcome through the internal dynamics of a film that shoots itself. Or is that all already there in the script rather than being something that the camera finds by chance? In the end, in any case, arising is not only the twenty-one-minute film essay in question, but also a thirty-six-minute music video based on the Ibiza material for the new A Thousand Fuegos-Album This Is Evolution Pt. 2. (Thomas Edlinger)
Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

Orig. Title
22 min
Short fiction
Orig. Language
Ibiza (Image)
Ibiza (Image)
Matthias Peyker, Christoph Schwarz
Matthias Peyker, Christoph Schwarz
Available Formats
DCP 2K flat
Aspect Ratio
Sound Format
Frame Rate
25 fps
Color Format
Digital File (prores, h264) (Distribution Copy)
Festivals (Selection)
Wien - VIS Vienna Independent Shorts
Villach, Udine, Ljubljana - K3 Short Film Festival