Matthias Peyker

Matthias Peyker

* 1982, Austria

born in Villach

lives and works in Wien und St. Andrä/ Villach;
2003 - 2007 studied art history at Vienna University; 2007 - 2012 studied graphic design at Academy of Fine Arts with Gunter Damisch.

A Thousand Fuegos

since 2006 collaborations w various musicians, artists, filmmakers; live shows in Austria and abroad; official releases:

EP: Split mit Liger; Beatismurder Records, 2006 // LP: Like Big Black Clouds Through Burning Eyes; Fettkakao, 2007 // A Thousand Fuegos; Fettkakao, 2008 // The Treachery of Things; SeaYou Records, Fettkakao, 2012 // This is Evolution Pt.2; SeaYou Records, 2016 // 7“: Three Gorges In A Cockoos Egg; Fettkakao, 2010 // tape: A Thousand Fuegos In "The Great Pretender"; Split Tape mit Black Fox Tropikal auf Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label, 2011 // music for films: Der Zuhälter und seine Trophäen; by Antoinette Zwirchmayr, 2014 //
Josef - Täterprofil meines Vaters; by Antoinette Zwirchmayr, 2015 // Ibiza; by Christoph Schwarz, 2016

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