Sales and Agency

The primary purpose of our activities in this area is to connect current film productions with as many relevant international festivals as possible. The works and their makers have their first opportunity to meet both the public and the industry there. Festivals, vital for promotion and the exchange of information, is where the foundation of a work’s success is laid. sixpackfilm now cooperates with 200 festivals around the world, which results in over 500 invitations annually.
 As part of its festival presence, sixpackfilm provides information to the press, distributes advertising materials, visits film markets, places films with other international distributors and collections, and works on the niches in the market segment: television and VoD.


After a work has made the rounds of the relevant festivals, it is added to our uncomplicated rental system. Our program currently includes approximately 1.900 titles, among them many classics of the Austrian avant-garde can be discovered.
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Information Pool

Over the years, sixpackfilm has also become an information pool. We advise curators, collectors and newspapers, periodicals and TV producers, academics and students, cinemas and filmmakers. Our archive, which is – beside the online catalogue – open for all research needs, contains screener links, DVDs, festival catalogs, reviews, relevant literature and photographs.

Special Events

sixpackfilm has also organized special events from the very beginning. This includes planning and setting up retrospectives and programs with specific themes, tours of domestic productions inside Austria and abroad, and presentations of international film art in Austria.


In 2004 sixpackfilm founded the DVD-Label INDEX together with Medienwerkstatt Wien to release and distribute audiovisual publications relevant to the historiy of international and Austrian film, video and media art. Since 2018 sixpackfilm offers the releases also as Streaming or Download, since 2019 the label is run only by sixpackfilm.