Rentals: All works may be rented or purchased for screenings or exhibitions, unless otherwise noted or communicated after request. For exhibitions with a longer duration or a purchase for a collection, sixpackfilm provides a contract which has to be signed by the authorized person of the venue.
Rental rates can be calculated for each film with € 4.- per minute. Films up to 7 minutes length are charged with a minimum rate of € 30.- Staggered flat rates are calculated for films with a duration over 40 minutes. These rates concern single screenings only. Discounts are available for second and subsequent screenings within the same event.
For customers within the European Community without UID-number we have to charge 10% taxes. Additionally we ask for € 11.- for handling with each order and customers outside the European Union (Euro-zone) are charged with € 12.- for bank fees.
In case of extremely urgent orders (within 2 – 8 days in advance of the presentation date) the event organizer will be obliged to pay for the immediate amount of work on our side.

Shipping: Hirers are charged for all shipping costs. All films are dispatched via Airmail-Service (Fedex, EMS, TNT, UPS, DHL) by  sixpackfilm and must be returned the day after the screening via the same or a similar courier service. Hirers are liable for any loss or damage during transit.
Prints sent back from countries outside the European Community please clearly indicate for custom reasons “artwork, no commercial value (Value for Custom reason: max. € 30.- / US$ 30)”.

Orders: Film orders need to be made by e-mail or letter and should specify: Title(s) and name of filmmaker, date and number of screenings, address of the venue and invoice address (if different) and the UID-number for venues in the European Community.
Each order will be answered by a written confirmation. Any cancellation must be made at least 14 days in advance of the screening. Failure to do this will ensure that the hirer is liable for the full rental.

Insurance: All venues must be insured against theft, loss or damage to films. sixpackfilm inspects all prints after every screening and should be informed of any damage that has occured during projection. Hirers are charged for any damage of the prints, including any incidents during the shippment.

Payment: Hirers must pay within 20 days after receiving the invoice. All payments must be made in the currency which is mentioned on the invoice. If you transfer the money to the bank account of sixpackfilm, be sure to include the bank charges for Austria and the foreign country. If payment is made by check please count an additional € 30.- for bank handling charges.
Generally screening prints will not be shipped until the payment has been done.

Rights of Use: All rights of the films and videos are reserved. Any unauthorized copying, renting and broadcast of the films and videos is prohibited and needs the written authorization of the right owner.