Sabine Marte – Films, Drawings, Sound, Performance, Talk

Wed Sept. 8, 2021, 19:00 h
Factory Künstlerhaus Wien

Talking Screen aims to explore the question of the diverse forms of presentation of films in the exhibition context, but also the cross-media interferences with other artistic practices. The presentation formats conceived together with the guests are deliberately kept open and are intended to include multifaceted varieties of (performative) self-presentation as well as enabling a critical discourse on film formats and forms. The setting will be a combination of films, talks and mini-shows for one evening.

Sabine Marte is an all-round artist. Video maker, musician (Pendler, SV DAMENKRAFT), performer (Club Grotesque Fatal, Club Burlesque Brutal), visual artist - a small selection of her drawings will be presented on a large scale via a digital slide show. One of her trademarks is her subtle humour, another is her pointed text modules, which are based on associations, repetitions and allusions and question the construction of meaning and (petit bourgeois) value systems.

Marte has been working continuously in and with different media since the mid-1990s, interweaving them in various forms and in diverse collaborative constellations. "Basically, all my videos are a mixture of bodies, places and language. In live performances, I shake up the body, which also serves as a projection surface in a double sense. The body is a medium that always needs to be reworked and doesn't cost anything." Be there or be square. (Dietmar Schwärzler)

Ich Arbeite, Videoeinzelstück/Ich Arbeite, 1996, 4 min
Do we need to have an accident?, 2011, 4 min
b-star, untötbar! (Text-Performance + Film), 2020/2009, 3 min / 7min
You Come, Musik: Pendler, Video: Oliver Stotz, 2007, 4 min
Step behind the ropes, please! nr. 2, 2002/2020, Live-Performance, 15 min
Farewell to Hell, 2014, 7 min
Ballad of Freedom, Auszug aus der Licht-Soundinstallation in Kaltern, gem. mit Hannes Egger und Oliver Stotz, 2020, 3 min
XXX DO Dog, Performance: Sabine Marte, Denise Palmieri, Anat Stainberg, Musik: Good enough for you), 2015, 6 min
Ich Arbeite, Videoeinzelstück/Frau Wacht, 1996, 2 min
Me Thing – You Dog, Videoeinzelstück/Abgang, Musik: Markus Marte, 1998, 1 min

in cooperation with the Künstlerhaus Wien 

The program is accompanied by a talk between Sabine Marte and Dietmar Schwärzler. 

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