Film and _ #2 Queercore: Ursula Pürrer & Ashley Hans Scheirl
Thu June 13, 2024, 18:30 h
Belvedere 21 / Blickle Kino

Film and _ is an open invitation to exchange ideas: the new series of events at Blickle Kino aims to shed light on artist film, both historical and contemporary positions, explicitly in its interrelationships with other visual, applied and time-based art forms and to (re)activate them with regard to their current potential.

Opening reel
Hochhaus und…

Film und _ #1 Expanded Cinema
Thu March 14, 2024, 18:30 h
Blickle Kino im Belvedere 21

The term Expanded Cinema describes live actions that aim to expand the cinema space. The screen, auditorium lights, curtain, projector and projectionist, the audience or the filmstrip itself - all those elements that usually go unnoticed in a conventional film screening - are made visible and become actors in the action. The aim is to break throug…