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Mon March 8, 2021 - Wed March 10, 2021, 11 p.m.
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Film 1:
Severin Fiala, Ulrike Putzer: Elephant Skin, 2004, 34 min, 35mm (eUT)

Elfi is around fifty and shares a small flat with her mother in provincial Lower Austria. After work, she looks after the old woman, who constantly makes requests and complains, but never has a good word for her daughter.
Over the years, Elfi has acquired a protective layer, an elephant skin. She hardly ever pulls a face, but behind Elfi's pragmatic demeanour lies a longing person: secretly in love with a younger colleague, she accepts his invitation to the "Brooklyn" discotheque one evening. Elephant Skin feels like a documentary observation at times. (Maya McKechneay)

Film 2:
Stefan Bohun: Music, 2014, 38 min, DCP (eUT)

The teenage daughter tells us what she thinks of her father in an unsparingly direct way: He's a "victim" (and that's a dirty word) because he still lives in the debt-ridden home that the rest of the family moved out of long ago. And he is embarrassing to her because he never says (or even does) things to impress his girlfriends. (Maya McKechneay)

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