Kurdwin Ayub – Films, talk, analysis, review, objects

Tue Dec. 6, 2022, 19:00 h
Factory Künstlerhaus Wien (Zugang über Bösendorferstraße 10)

Free admission! 

ORF kulturMontag* from 04.04.2022, 6 min
Kurdwin Ayub, Like Lucifer - Go! Go! Gorillo, 2019, 5 min
Kurdwin Ayub, Armageddon, 2018, 5 min
Kurdwin Ayub, pretty-pretty, 2019, 1 min
Kurdwin Ayub, Abscission (Vaginale VI), 2011, 5 min
Kurdwin Ayub, fame, 2022, 6 min
ORF Welcome Austria* with Kurdwin Ayub from 20.09.2022 - analysis, 2022, 11 min 

*with kind permission of ORF 

The program is accompanied by a conversation between Kurdwin Ayub and Dietmar Schwärzler. 

Talking Screen aims to explore the question of the diverse forms of presentation of films in the exhibition context, but also the cross-media interferences with other artistic practices. The presentation formats, conceived together with the guests, are deliberately kept open and are intended to include multifaceted varieties of (performative) self-presentation as well as to enable a critical discourse on filmic formats & forms. The respective setting is a combination of films, conversation and micro-exhibition for one evening. Kurdwin Ayub was awarded the prize for best first film at the Berlinale this year for her feature film SONNE. Medially, she was subsequently present in very many magazines, journals, TV features, but of course also social media - fortunately she left out the Fellners. With "Kurdwin Ayub Superstar" the Diagonale directors welcomed the filmmaker at its opening, Fameness is a topic that has occupied Ayub for a long time. We want to talk about this, peppered with films from her early and present phase, in which topics such as migration, veiling/chador, anorexia, cosmetic surgery or the Muslim faith are negotiated in a playful way. In the media-immanent sense we also try an analysis of two ORF contributions, put image politics and media approaches to disposition. It should be funny. (ds) 

A cooperation between Künstlerhaus Wien and sixpackfilm