Bodies and Their Fleeting Parts

Tue Oct. 3, 2023, 20:30 h
Metro Kinokulturhaus

A love song to bodies that are transgressive, compulsive, affective, exaggerating, going rogue – bodies that have a certain urge.

In these five short films (plus a bonus track) the bodies are resisting, decaying, in ecstasy, in love, operated on, adorned. They carry knowledge, magic, pain. Noski Deville portrays a queer relationship entangled in epileptic visions. From dreamlike flower fields shifting to games of blossoms and ranking (trans) bodies in Ashley Hans Scheirl’s and Ursula Pürrer’s garden. Barbara Hammer re-photographs moving X-rays from the 1950s, that stunningly made the insides of moving bodies visible while unknowingly exposing them to harmful radiation. Mara Mattuschka invents a cleaning agent for a better, cleaner (femme) body. Friedl vom Gröller shamelessly takes her camera to her dentist’s appointment. At the end, our own skeletons might dance on our graves.

Programme and introduction: Daniela Zahlner

Loss of Heat - Noski Deville

21 min, 1994

In the Garden of the Yellow G. - Ashley Hans Scheirl & Ursula Pürrer
8:30 min, 1985

Sanctus - Barbara Hammer
18 min, 1990

Cerolax - Mara Mattuschka
1:40min, 1985

Why Life is Worth Living - Friedl vom Gröller
2:30 min, 2013

5:30 min, 1929

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