Hans Scheugl - Film, Photos, Books, Reading & Talk

Fri March 15, 2024, 19:00 h
Künstlerhaus Wien, Factory

"While writing, I kept asking myself how much authors can reveal about themselves, where the boundaries are between the many things in life that remain hidden because they embarrass and hurt, and what can and should become public in art and in general. And whether it makes sense to talk or write about it at all." Hans Scheugl

Von fremden Vätern (2023) is the title of the latest autobiographical publication by filmmaker, photographer, writer and film historian Hans Scheugl (born 1940), in which he places his sexual desire in relation to the respective time, the geopolitical environment and his work and links it to a cultural history of homosexuality (including other historical family stories). The previously unpublished conversations with Peter Weibel were originally planned for this publication, but were ultimately not included in the book.

"How do you fuck?" Peter Weibel asks Hans Scheugl bluntly in the late summer of 1968, a question that would lead to many more questions and artistic answers from Weibel himself in the following years. In his very personal farewell talk with the recently deceased media artist, Scheugl attempts to illuminate and correct them in conjunction with selected photographs. The reading is framed by two playful photo series that test perception and his legendary film Hernals, in which the Viennese suburb is the scene of structurally dissected events. (Dietmar Schwärzler)

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