Film and _ #2 Queercore: Ursula Pürrer & Ashley Hans Scheirl

Thu June 13, 2024, 18:30 h
Belvedere 21 / Blickle Kino

Film and _ is an open invitation to exchange ideas: the new series of events at Blickle Kino aims to shed light on artist film, both historical and contemporary positions, explicitly in its interrelationships with other visual, applied and time-based art forms and to (re)activate them with regard to their current potential.

Opening reel
Hochhaus und Reißverschluss, 1984, 1 min
Ein Schlauchboot und Austern, 1985, 3 min
Nacht-Plakat-U-Bahn, 1984, 3 min 
Sex and Crime, 1984, 2 min
Piss in Rosa, 1984, 2 min
Anna und Maria markieren Muttermale, 1984, 2 min
Body-building, 1984, 3 min 
Ostern ´84, 1984, 6 min


Im Garten der gelben G., 1985, 9 min
Kampf und Kuss, 1984, 4 min
Das Schwarze Herz Tropft – Bastelanleitung zu -Rinnen, 1984, 13 min
Gezacktes Rinnsal schleicht sich schamlos schenkelnässend an, 1985, 4 min
Super-8-Girl Games, 1985, 2 min
Rote Schnitte und die Luft dazwischen, 1985, 4 min
Rhabarber und Zucker, 1985, 1 min
Wald und Wiesenfilm, 1985, 3 min

The second edition of the series focuses on the close collaboration between Ursula Pürrer and Ashley Hans Scheirl in the 1980s, specifically on the resulting films, which seem like a stroke of liberation and are original in (queer) film/art history. The collaborative work is an expression of a DIY cinema bursting with passion, which attempts to fill subjectively perceived voids, produces (sexual) fantasy worlds and playfully combines performance art, painting, drawing, stage design, (punk) music with sexual fetishes and expressive cinematic borrowings from science fiction film. Unusual costumes, expressive make-up, self-made objects and props, animated scenes or self-modulated (city) models characterize the visual level of these films, in addition to a queer/lesbian sign language in which everyday objects and symbols are sexually subverted or perverted. In addition to humorously staged S/M practices, piss games are part of the sexual vocabulary that comes into action in the erotically charged women* spaces and establishes community relationships with artistic means. The films are an expression of consistently positive sexual energies, which do not give a damn about bourgeois sexual and moral concepts and celebrate sexual pluralism.

In the presence of Ursula Pürrer and Ashley Hans Scheirl.
Curated by Dietmar Schwärzler and Stefanie Reisinger

There will be a Q&A between and after the screening.
From 16 years

Further dates in the Film and _ series: 12.9. and 14.11.2024
A collaboration between Belvedere 21/Blickle Kino and sixpackfilm.