Ivan Ladislav Galeta

Wed Oct. 1, 2008 - Thu Oct. 2, 2008, 9 p.m.
Österreichisches Filmmuseum

Ivan Ladislav Galeta from Zagreb is the neo-platonist among the directors of European experimental film. Behind the clear, mathematically abstract, frame-by-frame, meticulously rhythmically built structure of his films and video works, all of which are at the same time analyses of the medium film, Galeta conceals a veritable chamber of wonders: hermetic parallel universes that lie far in the prehistory of the medium and in whose numerical and symbolic spaces Galeta's meticulously built film compositions find their formal anchor.

Film is only one of the media in which Ladislav Galeta developed his artistic work. Galeta was also one of the pioneers of media art in Croatia, whose first centre, the MM-Centar for Film/ Video/Multimedia, he co-founded in 1977. To this day, he works in a variety of installation and conceptual aesthetic formats - from object art or literary text such as musical composition, to performance and net art or the total artwork of a garden.

Galeta's extremely rarely shown video works are characterised by a radically purist, but also very humorous approach. Galeta himself often functions as the protagonist. Above all, the use of emerging media technologies in a quasi "absurd" way is one of the thematic focal points, along with the perception of duration or the passage of time. 

Metanoia (1969, S8/16mm, b/w + colour, no sound, 12 Min.) 
Two Times in one Space (1976/1984, 35mm, b/w, 12 Min.) 
sfaīra 1985-1895 (1984, 35mm, b/w, no sound, 10 Min.) 
Water Pulu 1869 1896 (1987/1988, 35mm, colour, 9 Min.) 
Wal(l)zen (1989, 35mm, colour, 7 Min.) 
PíRâM ́ı ́das (1972-1984, 35mm, colour, 12 Min.) 

No 1, 2, 3, 4 (1979, Beta Sp, b/w, no sound, 8 Min.)
TV Ping-Pong (1976/78, Beta SP, b/w, 2 MIn.) 
Media Game 1 (1979, Beta SP, b/w, 45 sec.) 
Railway Station – Amsterdam (1979, Beta SP, b/w, 3 Min.) 
Lijnbaangracht Centrum (1979, Beta SP, b/w, 3 Min.) 
Drop (1979, Beta SP, b/w, 10 Min.) 
Letter (1995, Beta SP, colour, 4 Min.) 
Fire (2006, Beta SP, colour, 22 Min.) 
Water Colour from Sarajevo (2008, Beta SP, colour, 33 Min.) 
Endart No 5 (2004, Beta SP, colour, 33 Min.)  

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