Queering the Belvedere: C-TV. (Wenn ich Dir sage, ich habe Dich gern ...)

Fri June 16, 2023, 17:30 h
Belvedere 21 - Blickle Kino

The Vienna premiere of the film C-TV (If I Tell You, I Like You...) by Eva Egermann and Cordula Thym, which was awarded the Prize for Innovative Cinema at the Diagonale 2023: "A TV show to fall in love with" wrote the Standard about "C-TV". A film that imagines an iconic TV station away from a heteronormative, ableist society.
The earth has been shaken, the TV studio is destroyed, and C-TV goes on the air for the first time. While a zombified army soldier helps to bring light into the darkness on the donation phone, the news anchorwoman reports on social inequality and species protection, the plushy talk show host Hedi receives people with disabilities who give insight into their everyday life and their artistic as well as political work. C-TV is a TV station against the tyranny of a heteronormative and ableist society - radical, critical of representation, humorous and barrier-free: an emancipatory reorientation of the media world as a contribution to shifting the social earth atmosphere. Pure sci-fi utopia in the Austrian broadcasting landscape, but one day even those responsible for broadcasting will realize that C-TV has the potential to be the ORF success story of this century! (Michelle Koch / Diagonale Catalog 23)

Hosted by Queer Museum Vienna & in cooperation with sixpackfilm.

In the presence of filmmakers and team.

Belvedere 21 / Blickle Kino
Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Wien

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