Film und _ #1 Expanded Cinema

Thu March 14, 2024, 18:30 h
Blickle Kino im Belvedere 21

The term Expanded Cinema describes live actions that aim to expand the cinema space. The screen, auditorium lights, curtain, projector and projectionist, the audience or the filmstrip itself - all those elements that usually go unnoticed in a conventional film screening - are made visible and become actors in the action. The aim is to break through the classic cinema setting and view it in individual parts, often playfully and with humor. In the early days of Expanded Cinema in the 1960s, these approaches were also political motivated. The program of many cinemas in this country consisted primarily of commercial productions and film was hardly established as an art form. Expanded Cinema set itself the task of exploring the formal and subversive possibilities of film and the way it is experienced in the movie theater, making it possible to experience the structures and conditions of its reception. The "action", the intervention and highlighting is here, as in other areas of art, the artistic strategy to "break the boundaries of the movie screen", and sometimes to set radical actions.

In Film und _ #1, historical positions meet contemporary artists who rethink the format, operate in the interplay of cinema space and other art forms and give Expanded Cinema a possible update: The projection multiplies, a body or text interacts live with the projection and becomes part of the film image, a VJ set and an engaged person in the auditorium build a bridge to performance art.

In the presence of the artists and with performative guidance by VALIE EXPORT to +on +off +on +to. Film text for Moucle Blackout "Neue Wege" read by Andrea B. Braidt.

Program (about 80 min.)

Hans Scheugl – Der Voyeur (photo), 1968 
VALIE EXPORT – auf +ab +an +zu, 1968, 5 min.
Hans Scheugl – Sugar Daddies, 1968, 13 min.
Ernst Schmidt jr. – Ja/Nein, 1968, 3 min. 
Ernst Schmidt jr. – Prost, 1968, ca. 4 min.
Ernst Schmidt jr. – Hell’s Angels, 1969, ca. 5 min.
Ernst Schmidt jr. – Saallicht, 1974, 1 min.            
Dora Maurer – Idömèrès, 1973-80, 10 min.
Moucle Blackout – Neue Wege bricht neue Welt aus, 1996, 11 min.
Cosma Grosser, Miao Fangping – Attempt of entering a moving image, 2024, 3 min.
Markus Maicher, Cosma Grosser – Earth Water Motor Series, 2024, 7 min.
Tina Frank, sonified by General Magic – SCHLIMMIGE KREISE-INPUT. REASON, 2024, 10 min.
Daniela Gutmann – Störfaktor, 2019, durational

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Bild oben/image above:
Hans Scheugl, Der Voyeur, 1968

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