CHANGE OF DIRECTION – Movement and standstill in cyclic images

Mon March 7, 2022, 19:30 h

Today's film bears little resemblance to its zoetrope beginnings. Nevertheless, there are some that take up the original circulation and render it as a thematic or stylistic aspect. In a variety of ways, RICHTUNGSWECHSEL shows images that draw circles. In doing so, they oscillate between movement and standstill, change and permanence.

Fahrtwind, as the center of the program, takes up these themes and impressionistically describes the course of a journey. In the process, the camera lingers on the simple, quiet moments - and lets them take effect.

Program and Introduction: Alexander Morgan Mauch, Laura Diessl, Laura Ahammer, Sabine Müller, Anja Mollnhuber und Christoph Brodnijak. (Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies at University Vienna)

Johannesgasse 4 1010 Wien -- Tickets: oder 01-512 18 03 oder online unter:

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